Friday, 22 February 2008

People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Ferhat ABBAS University of Setif
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Department of Translation and Interpreting

First Exam in English/Arabic Translation
3rd Year, Groups: 1, 2, and 7.
Academic Year 2007-2008

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Muhammad, his family and companions.

1- Did you translate 10 columns from a newspaper, or their equivalent from a book, as a homework, in the current semester? (4 points)
2- Give the title of the bilingual (English/Arabic) novel which you have read and summarized? (4points)
3- Translate into Arabic the following English text (in 22 lines), especially the 60 underlined words? (12 points)

The blue man

Once, I was at Blida with a gaggle of Gael tourists. In the cable railway I met a Targui, wearing a blue aba and covering his face according to the habit. He proposed to me visiting Timimoon.
There, in front of a cabana used as a touristic office, the same blue man tried to gain our ears: “I’m the gaffer of all touristic guides here. In the ice age this desert was known by its icebergs and iceblink, before the coming of man, iceboats, and iceboating. It contained many metals, so as; babbitt metal, ice, and gadolinium, then came life age with many animals, birds, fishes, insects, plants and trees, like; aardvark, aardwolf, baboon, ibex, jackal, jakass, dachshund, eagle, gadwall, jabiru, jacamar, dabchick, dace, gadfly, cabbage, and gage trees”. He added facetiously: “I see that someone is fabian, another is looking daggers at me, another is pulling a long face, and another is making faces. Am I gabbling?! Do you think that I’m a dabbler, or a daffy, or a gabber, or a gaby, or a babe, or a Jack-a-Lent?! Do you abase me? Say that to my face! I don’t care! I’m not just a big I! I’m eager to guide you as the gadabout of the fabulous Sahara. Weather today is bad on the face of it, you’ll find yourselves on thin ice, and without me you will not stand the gaff. Give me the earnest so your trip will be on ice.
We gave him the collected money, and then he said:”It’s a gaffe! I’m the abandonee of my dad’s wealth, and my wife’s farms are abalienated to me. I’m the owner of the biggest fabric and abattoir here, and you are invited to dinner and passing the night at my house!”. To my astonishment, he gave back the money to me, took the cover off his face, and laughed loudly!! He was my best friend and neighbour 3abdallateef!!!.

Written in English by:
J. Alhambrason
(Jamal bin Ammar al-Ahmar al-Andalsy al-Ansaary)

Allah helps him who helps himself

As a member of the Programm Commity; I'm here in the picture with Pr. Peter Scharff; Rector of Technische Universitaet im Ilmenau, Germany. In the 1st Algerian-German International Conference on New Technologies and their impact on Society. May 4-7th, 2008. F.A. Univ. of Setif

In the picture above; I'm with my German Colleagues: Pr. Erich Runge; Dean of the Faculty of Physics, and Dipl.-Ing. Anne Schuster. Technische Universitaet im Ilmenau, Germany.